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在沉寂超過十年的Paula Abdul終於又出新單曲了
Paula Abdul已經四十七歲了舞還是跳得不錯
不愧為前Lakers Girl


Paula Abdul Dance Like There's No Tomorrow Lyrics
Featuring: Randy Jackson

**All I wanna do is stay right here on the floor
Get lost in the night
And dance like there's no tomorrow
Don't care about the sunrise
Somebody please just hit the lights
All I wanna do is dance like there's no tomorrow**

Today just wasn't my day
Everyone's getting me so fed up
I've gotta find a way
I know what can make me feel better
Stepping out in my best
Looking hotter than ever
Wherever the party is
That's where I'll be in a second

I'm so ready to move my body
Forget about all my problems
When I hear that song
I'ma lose control
Hey, here I go


I'm loving the atmosphere
Feels like I'm floating in heaven
The music's all in my ear
Taking over me
My heart's racing
Feeling so Hollywood
How I got everybody staring

Their eyes are the cameras
And I'm loving all the attention

Get up, 'bout to move my body
Forget about all my problems
They're playing our song
I'ma lose control
Hey, here I go


Please DJ
Don't say it's the last one
Cause I know what it means
And I don't want you to play no slow song
I'm still building the nerve to talk to that guy
Just give me another song and make it right



最後再來段80年代Paula Abdul的歌Opposites Attract

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  • WEN
  • 以前還滿喜歡他的呢.

  • 說真的以前我也很喜歡她

    gticl 於 2008/02/26 02:03 回覆

  • matthew0320
  • OMG 真的很懷念ㄟ.
    以前超喜歡 rush rush!
  • 哈哈我也是!

    gticl 於 2008/02/26 02:04 回覆

  • 愛死他
  • 愛死他

    但是我現在迷他到有衝動要跑到美國 擁抱他
    我雖然是女的 但是也為他瘋狂!!
  • 很高興你也喜歡^_^

    gticl 於 2008/03/02 12:58 回覆